My Story – Your Small Business Success

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My Story – Your Small Business Success

The president of Arch Advisors Inc. is Dennis M. Berning. He has significant expertise in starting, owning, and leading family owned businesses. His experience is as follows:

  • J.A. Kindel Co. was an office supply distributor acquired by family members of Mr. Berning in the 1940's. The business grew considerably over the years, and in 1994 the business was acquired by Office Depot. A large part of the company's growth was through a number of strategic acquisitions during the 80's and early 90's. At the time of the sale, it had locations in Cincinnati, Hamilton (OH), Dayton, Columbus, Indianapolis, Louisville and Lexington. Mr. Berning served in many roles, eventually as vice president of marketing and operations. Here he developed experience in identifying and structuring acquisitions, due diligence, acquisition integration, vendor relations, large scale price systems, pick and pack operations, logistics, and financial management.

  • Regis Investment Company was founded by Mr. Berning and other family members in 1996. The focus of this business is owning and managing multi-tenant industrial properties. Regis has grown to include seven (7) business parks located throughout the Greater Cincinnati area. Mr. Berning served as president from 1996 until 2016 and continues as chairman. He has direct experience in identifying target properties, acquiring properties, due diligence, help with lending arrangements, divesting of properties, lease negotiations, property management, construction, financial analysis and management.

As closely held and family businesses deal with management issues, financial planning and management, real estate matters, owner conflicts, succession planning and implementation, buying out of other owners (living and deceased), buy/sell agreements, and the purchase and sale of companies, Mr. Berning has developed broad and first-hand experience in all of these areas. More importantly, he has experience from a number of perspectives – from both "sides of the table", allowing for valuable and unique insight to the objectives and goals of all sides. He understands all too well that some of these matters can be a distraction from the real business and if not handled and settled expeditiously, can lead to meaningful harm, financial and otherwise.