Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I know if I need a consultant?
    Arch Answer: We do a thorough evaluation of your requirements before you incur any cost. From this conversation we will help you determine if you actually require "outside help" and If we are the right choice for you in reaching a solution.

  2. How do I choose the right consultant for my requirements?
    Arch Answer: Discuss your issues and objectives with a prospective consultant. Make sure they have the specific knowledge and experience to understand your requirements and are likely to offer a practical solution that you can execute. If you think you will need help in the execution, make sure the consultant you choose has experience and ability to help you. Have a comfort level with the consultant and make sure they will make a diligent effort to stay within your budget and schedule.

  3. Where do we meet?
    Arch Answer: Anywhere that is convenient for you. Consideration must be given to the sensitivity of your matter, as sometimes it may be in your best interest to meet off site.

  4. What can I expect to spend for a consultant?
    Arch Answer: Naturally, this will vary by the type and complexity of your requirement. However, simple matters may require as little as $1000. More complex matters can be several thousands of dollars. We will help you (before you spend anything) to develop a realistic expectation of what you can expect to spend.

  5. When do I start to incur cost for consulting services?
    Arch Answer: Before you spend anything, we will have a consultation and provide you with a proposal. It is not until after you "sign off" on the proposal that you would incur costs for our services.

  6. Are our meetings confidential?
    Arch Answers: YES!