Business Sale Planning

Identifying and Approaching a Potential Buyer and/or Determining Best Method for your Company to Pursue for Selling or Transitioning Your Business

Determining best methods for your company to pursue for selling or transitioning your business – identifying & approaching potential buyer  - Sale of Family Business
  • Establishing a time frame for selling your business and developing a task list of items that will potentially add value to your business and shorten the selling cycle.

  • Preparation of prospectus to properly present your business to a potential buyer

  • Identify potential buyers for your business and develop a plan to approach these suitors

  • Determine a good method to sell your business (on your own or with the help of a business broker – and what type business broker may be best suited to sell your company) and help you build a quality team to execute this process

  • Is selling your business the right decision – or is there another option? We can help you determine the best option.