Our Process Works

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Our Process Works

Every business is a little different in how long it takes for us to start and finish a given assignment. It depends on the complexity of the assignment, number of client’s staff involved, quantity of and availability of information required from client and how much priority the client is willing to commit to this endeavor. The process and how we approach is generally consistent from assignment to assignment. Clearly the process is defined around the particular issue, but in most cases we follow the path similar to as follows:

  1. Customer contacts Arch Advisors to request assistance in finding or helping with a solution (no cost or obligation).

  2. Arch Advisors will schedule a phone meeting to discuss and determine your requirements and expectations. Before we start, we want a clear understanding of your expectations and to learn about your company (no cost or obligation).

  3. Arch Advisors will prepare a proposal that addresses and hopefully meets your requirements and expectations. We would outline the anticipated process, and in most cases provide you with a cost estimate for our service. The exceptions would be assignments that have more complex requirements and/or require our efforts for implementation. But even for exceptions, we would still provide a written proposal providing our clients a clear understanding of our intended scope of work and how we charge for our services (no cost or obligation).

  4. Clients decide at this time if they wish to engage Arch Advisors for the services as provided for in the proposal. If so, clients sign off on the proposal and we commence in fulfilling these proposed services.